Internal Medicine

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Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease in adults. Internists, serve as primary care physicians and also serve as consultants to other doctors; family physicians, surgeons and other specialties.

Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians serve as the frontline of preventative healthcare. Our primary care physicians offer primary healthcare services provide coordinated care between our primary care physicians and higly trained specialists, allowing for consistent access to comprehensive care - right here in our own community.

Preventative Healthcare

At LRDC, our primary care physicians consider the whole person in preventative and diagnostic healthcare, rather than individual systems or organs. Our integrated model is built upon a team approach that brings together physicians, nurse practicitoners, medical assistamts, nurses and other clinical staff to deliver coordinated care that includes:

  • Preventative healthcare
  • Management of existing medical conditions
  • Healthcare plans for chronic conditions
  • Coordination between PCPs and specialists
  • Access to and education about self care between appointments

Our primary care physicians coordinate our patients' care and manage puzzling medical conditions associated with that care, bringing in specialists as needed. Internists combine the role of a diagnostician and a consultant in disease prevention and health promotion, providing a continuum of care for patients with physicians across various specialties when multisystem diseases occur.

Before Your Visit

To help reduce the wait time for our patients, we encourage you to print and fill out the the appropriate pre-visit questionnaires before your appointment.

Please Download the Questionnaire Here

After You Arrive at Clinic

Please check-in at the scheduling desk on the 1st floor.

Please Bring The Following Items With You:

  • Insurance Card
  • Driver's License
  • Medication List
  • Co-pay
  • Pre-Visit Questionnaires

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